Friday, May 8, 2009

Update Friday 5/8/2009

First, we got encouraging news from Mike's doctor on Thursday. His blood work, she said, makes him as healthy as anyone in the room....that included son-in-law, son, the doctor and myself.

A good conversation with the doctor; a decrease in pain medication; a tweak in strategy; and off to Fort Knox.

We drove down, about 200 miles, to witness the graduation of our nephew Matthew Amerson, who is now a member of Delta Company, Second Battalion, 81st Armor regiment.

Parents Steve and Kris (sister), their daughter, some friends and relatives, brother Ken and darling wife Janelle, and we made up the festive celebrants.

We stayed in the Distinguished Visitors' Quarters, just a block from the others. About 100 young men....they look so young...took the oath and began their new careers.

Afterwards, the camp commander and his wife hosted a party for Matthew. Then, we drove back and now we're about out of gas for the day.

I picked up a cold and it is hanging on longer than usual. As soon as I have given Mike his PM meds, I'm going to take MY big drag of Nyquil and call it a day.

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