Thursday, May 28, 2009

5/28/09 PM

Greetings from the kitchen table in Kokomo.

And thanks for all the prayers. God is good. And His will today was that our concern was minor.

We drove to Indianapolis and saw surgeon...actually one of his residents as he was in emergency surgery. However, even though he works with students and residents, it's clear to everybody that he is the boss.

Resident questioned Mike about the redness....better today than yesterday.
Resident prodded, plied, poked...and found that there was one radiating spot.
Resident spoke to surgeon and they think that this is not surgical infection, that it is too far removed, date wise, from surgery to be showing up now.

They think that it's cellulitis and that it will clear up with antibiotic. We are to call back in three days, no matter what and we are to come right back down if it does NOT get better. Even at that, they think it may be some fluid pooling around the incision. (glad you asked?)

Before we left Indianapolis, they took some more blood. Mike confessed that each time they do this, it takes him a few days to recover. He's not talking about the blood loss...each test is a reminder of what will come, of what lies ahead. I have to pull him back to the NOW.

So, we are home and we are awash in your prayers and God's goodness.

Good night all. LB

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