Saturday, May 9, 2009

Selfish request

Good Morning. It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday in Indiana. There is an awesome, billowing wind. Our normal plan would be to drive up to the lake and enjoy the day. However Mike had a bad night and me? Well.......

I am fighting a cold. It's just a cold. I've had colds before. THIS cold is the worst! When I had breakfast with friend Barb on Wednesday, I remember telling her that it was almost over, based on usual experience. WRONG.

Today I have a huge headache. My throat is raw and my dry cough has become 'productive.' I really DO believe we're turning the corner. However, with the weight of my new responsibilities, these aches and pains are huge. I have my supplies and now that I'm up, the sinuses are cooperating with gravity.

BUT I need to be rid of this so I can help my husband. So today, a selfish request for myself.

Thanks LynneB

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