Thursday, May 28, 2009

5/28/09 AM

Good morning, my friends. As this is a most efficient way to reach you....

We are planning a drive to Indianapolis this AM. Mike's incision, all healed, began to grow red, swollen, hot, hard, and painful. Home doctoring has not corrected it, nor has time.....nor has the beginning of oral antibiotics.

Yesterday, we went to oncology center which is now our doctors' office. Upon examination, they want us to revisit the surgeon. We are good patients and will do so.

It may be necessary for Mike to stay at hospital over night....don't know, am relying on bits and pieces of 'this may happen.' THAT will be upsetting....we really have had enough of hospitals, see earliest post. But we will do what must be done.

If, in fact, this is an infection...and all of you moms at least have made that diagnosis...he will feel much better when it is addressed. But as so many of you have asked for specific prayer when we need it, here you go.

Thanks my friends. I'll keep you posted. LB

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