Friday, May 15, 2009

HE who wins the battle

Teachers know that we must reinforce a lesson, sometimes three and four times for it to stick. When the lesson has to fight through satanic attacks, it may take a few more tries.

As Mike has been healing from surgery, in addition to physical pain, he has battled Satan’s attacks on his thoughts. He has grappled with fear, not just of pain and death, but the most elemental for the Child of God: whether or not he’s really saved, born again, a Christian. And most important, doubts as to whether, as he dies, he will actually step into heaven.

I stand back, mostly powerless to chase these fears away. Mike described it as a wave, a slow moving wave that he can feel sneaking up on him. And then, it washes over him. And then, in its wake, despair. Bleak.

He asked me to send out a prayer request to the troops and they rallied. He also dug out his ‘cards,’ 4 x 6 cards that we had with us at the hospital. One, Romans 8:38 – 39 is most powerful. Mike started waving it around as though he was swatting at the devil. I say, whatever works.

Then, a few days later he said that the wave had stayed away that day. “Do you think it’s because I’m reading the Bible? Do you think it’s because of my cards? Do you think it’s all those prayers?”

Soul mate: Yes, yes, yes.

Now in the midst of this battle, friends have spoken wisdom to Mike. Three different pastors have basically told him the same thing, in different settings and with different styles. Pastor Three penetrated to his heart and, I believe, we are now at peace as to this matter.

Pastor Three (actually One, Two, and few other wise men) asked him to evaluate his battle plan. He mentioned the cards, Bible reading and prayer. Pastor pointed out that this is what Jesus did when he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. (Matthew 4:1 – 11) He reminded Mike (and THIS had also been said) that the battle for his soul is already won and that Satan has no power over it. “His only weapon is to attack our thoughts.”

We will cling to this truth. We thank you, our friends, for continuing to pray for us.

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  1. God's Word is all-powerful. Friends to speak it truthfully, priceless....... praying on...