Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Morning Mothers and Others

So, today is the day. THE day. I'm blessed with both my mother and my mother-in-law, who shall be referred to later as the 'Ironing Genie.'

The cold IS little grandbaby Drew has picked up my virus and last night was running a fever. This may delay Jeremy's return to San Antonio....although we have become accustomed to his help, we really DO need to let him go and besides, I don't want the Drewster to be sick. Since he's 4, soon 5!, we assume he'll be bouncing today.

Our society has concocted a lot of commercial nonsense to Mother's Day. And if we spend enough, I guess we lessen any guilt we may have that we weren't always the best kid and that we did not appreciate the Mom.

I have in front of my a very sweet card with a personal message from my daughter. I won't share its content but suffice it to say that no flowers/chocolate/bunny/bear/stuff can compare.

Mike got a really good night's sleep last night. Finally. I'll wait for his call about going to church. It's still early here and church is at 10. We'll see.

This upcoming week, Mike has that one trial that he just 'must' do; he feels this obligation to this client. This is on Wednesday; it may be all day (his doctor was not enthused) and it is in Wabash, about an hour away. I will be his 1st mate, in all ways possible. Other than that, we will adjust to life AJ (after jeremy), although the J will call in regularly.

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