Monday, May 4, 2009

April 20, 2009

Here’s how your prayers are being answered today.

We had a rocky weekend. Much pain, escalating pain, fever. Not the course we were prepared for.

(next paragraph warning: might want to skip it)

Mike’s surgical incision had separated in two places…particularly difficult places for a man with abdominal after stitches and staples were removed, he was left with two holes, one the dimension of one of those malted milk Easter eggs. My newest duty was/is to clean and pack said holes, twice a day.

On Saturday, with the escalating of symptoms and what I thought looked ‘funny’ in the hole, we went to ER. Many work-ups, CTs etc etc and no infection/no strangeness to be concerned with except they moved up our appointment with oncologist to Monday (today). I DID receive more instruction on the norms of wound appearance. Sunday was a repeat without the trip to the ER. Still much pain.

Then, Monday we rehooked with Dr. M, oncologist/hemo at Howard Community Hospital and realized that we have been placed in the best of hands. She spoke wisdom, a little tough love, some ideas and refutations of myths. There are some options for us but this week, we must get pain under control. So that’s our goal.

We are keeping careful records and will have appointments Wed AM and Friday AM with the optimistic hope of escaping to the lake next weekend.

Some of you, my friends, have been showering us with food. What a blessing. Allyson flew back to San Antonio and left her angel-man husband to do whatever we need. He is so good at this and the food is making this easier. The Y made an exception and are taking the boys who are having fun playing with new friends.

Some of you, my friends, have been showering us with pillowcases. I’m surveying our eclectic collection. I can see we’ve all had our decorating phases….and I who have never been comfortable with patterns and non-neutrals, am now enjoying the multiple colors/patterns on my bed. We even got a Garfield! On a serious note, a fresh pillow slip is a pleasure, a comfort, a treat in the middle of the night. You are meeting a real need of my husband.

God is revealing to us many things that have been in place to cushion this time. I know that those outside of the faith would not understand this but it becomes clearer to me. I know that illness is not God’s plan for His creation. His idea was Eden. What He will do for His children is to gently walk with us through hard times.

Don’t get the idea that I’m going all Mother Teresa on you. I’m not. This is hard. It will be hard. We need all of you, all of your prayers for us.

Our discussion tonight centered around the blessings of knowing that you are going to die and having time to do and say things that we all want to do and say, someday. So often, a loved one is taken suddenly, in an accident, and does not get this opportunity. Mike is making use of this time, touching hands and hearts in remarkable, unexpected ways.

Pray for us, for our trying to figure out this pain management thing. We ARE in good medical hands, good spiritual hands, good friendship hands.

Good night my friends.


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