Monday, May 4, 2009

April 4, 2009


Mike’s surgery has been moved up to 4/6 at 7:30 AM (first thing in the morning) at University Hospital in Indianapolis. He will be in the hospital for probably a week. HE thinks less but the doctor says the week is accurate. 40 – 50 % of patients suffer complications from this surgery so they must be monitored until it is safe to send them home. Nobody has to, but if anyone wants to send him a card, that would be nice. He is pausing to linger over such things these days.

The details: Mike’s gall bladder had a 4 cm tumor inside. This is a rare cancer and even more rare in a young man. It is unclear as to whether or not it has spread. That’s why we are undergoing the surgery. WE would pray that they find nothing except regular tissue. That will be the miracle we are asking for.

We ask our sisters and brothers to pray, not only for Mike and me, but for Dr. Nicholas Zyromski (doesn’t matter if they can’t pronounce it, as God knows this guy) who will be the surgeon.

As much as is possible, we are prepared for whatever God has for us. We are confident that He will be glorified in this, that His plan for our lives is perfect and He works in our lives for our best.

However, besides just being physically tired (Mike has had 4 procedures in 4 weeks), Satan has pulled out all the stops as he does when we are weak. Mike doubts his salvation….:.How can I be so fearful and be a believer?” Isn’t THAT the cruelest lie of all?

With God holding us up plus the love and prayers of His children, we will walk this path to His outcome.

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