Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

First Week of May

In Indiana, that could mean snow, warm sun, uncomfortable humidity, rain, tornadoes…all in the same week. This week, we are looking at mild and sunny days and not-too-cool nights. All good. Mike has become sensitive to the cold and I’d like to sit out on our porch and listen to him play his guitar for me.

The news is good. His incision is almost healed and he’s cut way down on his pain medicines. Also, the grogginess has lifted. AND the office is now closed. Well, almost. Son-in-law Jeremy showed steely determination to meet that goal of May 1, prying case files out of his father-in-law’s fingers. He took charge of the great shredding of old files…hired a firm that came with its own equipment, named SHREDASAURUS…much whirring in the alley and off to find other shreds to shred. We have a few loose ends to tie up but not many.

We spent another weekend at the lake. This was the annual “Fat and Skinny Tire Bike Races” which involve a whole day of cyclists circling past our houses. Along the course, folks set up picnic tables with goodies so besides ‘watching the race’ we all enjoy informal progressive meals all day long. Who ‘won?’ Who knows? Who cares?

We are looking forward to driving to Fort Knox on Thursday to see our nephew graduate from tank school. His parents and sister (from California) will join us. Also, my brother and his wife will drive over from Charlotte. We have accommodations on the base.

So what can you pray for this week? Plenty. We will meet with the oncologist on Thursday and she will discuss blood work and options. We need discernment and wisdom as we chart our ongoing course.

Also, attacks from Satan are ongoing. He can smell weakness and will pounce on it. Mike drifts into dark places with doubts, fear, despair: all arrows of the devil. I continue to name names, to try to assure him. But there is no weapon against these attacks except prayer. I am praying that God will show up with the big guns and surround my dear husband, and give him the assurance that he lacks.

A notice to all of my friends who have asked for updates. I’m so pleased to know that our needs are being forwarded and that churches, small groups, prayer circles, and individuals have brought our names before the Father. However, it is a mixed blessing as this list keeps growing.

I had several friends explain how a blog would be an efficient way to reach you. And several offered to teach me the way to make this work. So, with summer coming…that means I lose easy connection with Laura’s Angels, let me introduce my blog.\ See if you can get there.

Thank you, friends. God is a presence in our home.


  1. Lynne, the blog is great... continuing to pray. love, janis

  2. Hi Aunt Lynne!
    Just wanted to let you know that I agree with Janis that the blog is great! Say Hi to Uncle Mike for me.
    love britt