Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday 4/25/09

And HERE are how your prayers were answered today.

After this rocky week, Mike woke up from another really good night sleep. We had talked about going to lake and I had my doubts but today it seemed like a plan.

Our little place on Winona Lake has always been healing to my husband. He can shed his lawyer personae, loosen up, wear weird clothes, hang out with other lakies, tell lame stories over and over, and have fun. With all the drowziness this week, I figured that at least he could sleep on the pier.

As it turns out, the healing qualities washed over us. Mike mowed the yard…for him, this is a pleasure. Mike and Jeremy (son in law, angel in training) took a long walk through the woods. Jeremy said it was about 1 ½ miles. Mike hung out with sister and friends at her house, sitting on the porch, telling lame stories and sipping fresh lemonade. Then, several other friends who had heard about Mike’s illness dropped by and did NOT talk about illness but the upcoming lake season with its various parties and get-togethers. Then, Mike and I sat, facing the lake, that wild, wonderful spring breeze whipping our hair and clothes.

The big tip off is that for the first time, Mike needed almost no pain medication. The decrease was stark. We are planning to go to church tomorrow and then take the boys on a picnic.

Fresh-squeezed lemonade is holy nectar. Breezes whipping through the trees refresh the soul. Simple pleasures are a sacred gift.

We thank you for continuing to pray for us. God is good.

Good night, our friends.


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