Monday, May 4, 2009

Easter Evening 4/12/09

(This comes out of order chronologically...but within this small scale e-mail, God was able to show His strength and answers some questions. )

Those joined with us:

Prayer is powerful. We are at peace. Praise God.

We had a good, deep, tearful discussion about the future. We spoke some of what you told us and some of what God has shown us.

Mike will not die alone. Mike will not die in unmanageable pain. Mike will have his wife by his side, from now on, until he's ready to move on.

One of the reasons that our parting will be so hard is that we love each other so much. That's the double-edged sword. But, some people live their whole lives and never experience such a great love for another person. So we are blessed.

So many people are not given the chance to tie up loose ends, to say good bye to family and friends, to savor life's rare time frame and inform others of what ones seen as important when most of the stuff of life is pushed aside. God has given Mike this opportunity. So we are blessed.

We are being held up in the arms of so many; it pleases our Father when His children pray. We are all given pleasure to our Father. So we are blessed.

Our daughter, husband and children are a few hours away. They will be in town now, while Mike is in better shape to say and do what he wants to. Zack and Mike have had some really good talks. Mike is given the opportunity to say important things to his children before he leaves us. This will ease their pain; nothing needs to be left unsaid. So we are blessed.

You see, my dears, that our God is here with us and will continue to be our strength. We will be coming back to Kokomo tomorrow.


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