Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too Fast?

So, the hub visited with a new doctor today; he now has an endocrinologist to monitor the diabetes.

She downloaded the data on his little monitor, examined all those facts and figures and announced that he doing well.

In fact, perhaps TOO well. It seems that they expected his glucose level to drop, gradually, over several months, to a better level. She said that perhaps his newest fatigue is caused by his too quick drop from stratospheric to 'normal.'

She told him (so he says) that if he wants a candy bar, he can eat it with a strategy. If he wants to sip a wine cooler, something he has been missing, he can, with a strategy.

She also lowered his overnight medicine. "Let's see how you do," she said.

So, on with the adventure.

Today, Friday, we drive back down to Indianapolis for Mike's 4th ERCP. It was scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving and his doctor (which one?) decided that we should go for it tomorrow. The specialist (ANOTHER of our doctors) is sandwiching Mike in so instead of our favorite time, that being 8 AM, we cruise into the operating room at 11.

All OK. It WILL kill the day. Maybe it will be raining. TODAY, we got our first dusting of snow.

So, as you remember us, you are now up to date.

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  1. Praying for you, thanks for the update. Not a surprise that Mike's numbers were so good, he's great at challenges.
    Love to you both!