Saturday, November 19, 2011


Look, I love boys. I am in love with two of the most gorgeous grandsons in God's creation. And I have a son. And I have a small team of nephews.

BUT, I love my nieces. Right now, I am blessed to be called Auntie by 7 extraordinary young women: two in college; a talented graphic designer; an MBA/super scrabble player, like her mom; an Alaskan whose Facebook pages are exotic to a Midwesterner; her sister who is likewise talented and a nurse; and the soon-to-be-Mama of Madison Miller. That new (female) addition is due to make her debut in December.

Her mom, Kristine, is the only niece who experienced my teaching from the desk side; she met her husband at Taylor University and they have recently purchased a first home in Kokomo. She is a teacher, a tennis coach, and soon, a mother.

So, some ladies celebrated the coming event at a shower last Saturday. Sister Kat (niece!) was the hostess. She's been practicing 'Aunt ness." From great-grandma to great aunt, to friends and mothers of friends, the fete filled the afternoon with pleasant reminiscences, advice and very good food.

Tick tick tick, Madison.


  1. I love to see families grow and yours is just beautiful. You are indeed blessed. All the best to you and Mike.

  2. Thanks Aunt Lynne for posting about the shower. I am so fortunate to have had you all there! I had a great time, and I love the night gown and matching outfit for Madi!