Monday, November 21, 2011

THIS overshadows THAT

A week ago, 14 members of my church traveled to Haiti to work as short term missionaries. We ahve partnered with an agricultuarl settlement, Double Harvest, for many years. This was to be yet another routine trip, a time to serve and then come home to report.

Except it turned out to be anything but.....on Thursday night, 6 armed men converged on their sleeping quarters, attempting to take hostages.

In the pitch darkness, one man awoke to screaming and guns in the face. Then, in the next 10 minutes, the 14 drew from within themselves to hold off the attack.

I cannot do this justice, but I sat yesterday and listened to their accounts. Here is a link from Sunday.

Click here to listen to it on Oakbrook's website.The story is also reported at Channels 6, 8, 13, and 59 in Indianapolis.

They credit our God for their safety. Please pray for them as they heal, physically and emotionally from this ordeal.

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