Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, what do you make of that?????

This is the question raised by the hub when he wants my insight into a situation. I would get to opine occasionally when he was about to pick a jury and thought I might have an unusual connection to the voting list from which our juries are culled; when he had tried to explain something and the receiver had not, um, received it as he had expected; when his rational mind was challenged by the irrational.

And just recently. Around here, what some might label “irrational,” or “luck” or “bad luck,” or “coincidence,” we can see as an act of God: protection, a gift, a secret delight, a confirmation of His presence.

Today, Mike told me that he had not taken any of his pain medication for 3 days. And he is having no pain. “What do you make of that?” The diabetes…I guess it’s still a diagnosis, is more than under control. “What do you make of that?” During the last ERCP, that doctor found a tiny ulcer and is treating it. He said that some of Mike's discomfort may have been a result of this ulcer. “What do you make of that?”

His questions gave me reason to pause and think: oh yeah. My small group and I have been praying about Mike’s pain. My request has been that his pain will diminish. So, this is an answer to prayer. A big “duh” on this end.

And for the rest? Our penciled in plans for Thanksgiving are to drive again to Charlotte, NC, for a big family feast. We have joined Ken and Janelle for the last two years. We were not sure if Mike’s health would permit it. And, as you may recall, my sweet sister-in-law is battling a brain tumor. Their insistence was that we come if we can and celebrate in style. This year, my mother is coming from Florida and sister Jan is driving from Kansas.

Could it be….yes it could….that family members have been praying specifically that we will be able to come… of this Sunday afternoon, it looks like a go.

Personal note: I continue to identify God’s specific answers at a glacial pace. But I’m glad He keeps pointing them out to me.

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