Saturday, November 5, 2011

James Caird II Update

The boat won on Wednesday as I was too sick to do anything
of significance. I won on Thursday, even though part of it was spent in the hospital.

Anybody ever given blood samples from a port and both arms? No fun.

The pictures show the curved parts that make up the bow and stern. Cut and trimmed by hand. Note keel is installed. The first sheer clamp is installed, giving the hull its beautiful shape.

More photos to follow.

Mike out.


  1. Morgan & I will have to stop by & see the boat soon. I am sure you are going to win this one!

  2. Hello Mike: Chuck Huston here. I've followed Bolinger's Cottage since I first learned you were sick. Just want to let you know how much I admire your pursuit of justice for your clients over the years and how much I admire you and Lynn for your faith in a God who loves us all. Your dad Owen kind of took me under his wing when I came back to town, and added so much to my knowledge and love of flying. I miss your Dad almost as much as I miss my own, gone now for over 14 years. I know you will finish that boat, maybe build a couple more. I would be honored to buy one from you. CRH out

  3. Hey Mike-We haven't seen you at the lake for a few weeks. We had a neighborhood meeting in Connie's driveway after Halloween. Art had a video of his jet boat trip down the canal last friday afternoon. Yep- that's right. He's not showing it to too many in case the police get word of it. The spray soaked the photographer on the foot bridge. Awesome. Mark and Janice. PS: Still looking for that Kokomo bypass...