Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update: Busy

Friday, Mike had his 3rd ERCP. By now, he knows everybody's first name.

Hardly routine, but there IS some sort of ritual by now: no food; bring the meds; someone has to drive you home; Dr. will discuss this with you but you will not remember; the day after is for sleeping it off.

Dr. says he'll see us again in about 3 months. Mike does not remember.

I'm back from San Antonio where is was and is hot. Amazingly hot. People actually live there, outside sometimes. Grandson Drew who has just finished 1st grade, is reading chapter books. He just finished Mr. Popper's Penguins, a Gramma favorite, in time for the movie.

I hope it's exciting for everybody, but it's extremely so for this teacher, to witness a child 'getting it' and loving it, when it comes to reading. Drew's such a normal kid, except he's had his tv and computer time limited, so books could stick their feet in the door. Once, and if, a child learns to read well, the world can open up for him.

Noah just graduated from preschool. Next year, he and Drew will ride the bus to their new school, as they have moved to a larger house. Allyson has wanted, among other things, for the boys to be able to ride their bikes. This was hard in their old neighborhood which features breath taking hills and drops. New digs are in a more flat subdivision. They also will have a larger back yard.

Today, Sunday, sister Jan is on her way from Kansas City. She should arrive late tonight at the Kokomo address. Mike has chemo tomorrow so we are heading back south. Then, we will all drive up to Winona. Jan will continue to Michigan to visit with some friends and then she'll return here.

In the meantime, brother Ken and his darling wife, Janelle, are headed this way Thursday, on their way to the annual Hayes Family Reunion in Illinois. They will pick Mom up at the airport in Indianapolis and then head north.

It's great we get to visit. For them, it's only about 1 month to the BIG WEDDING of their daughter, so their lives are getting busy.

It's a sticky Father's Day at the lake. The Father of my kids is taking a nap. I really love to watch him when he's sleeping so peacefully. We talked and walked last night and recounted our blessings: great kids, great friends, and, of course, our Father's love. We rest in that.

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