Tuesday, June 7, 2011


37 years ago today, at high noon, in the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Park, Michigan, in front of God and a whole bunch of witnesses:

We joined hands and promised that we would.

We have.

We still do.


  1. A very Happy Anniversary to Mike and Lynne!

    You two, you fabulous two
    Wherever you go you evoke a smile.
    You two, you fabulous two
    Walking together across the miles.

    You two, you fabulous two
    You give us a reason to celebrate.
    You two, you fabulous two
    Became one, and still are, how great!

    Dear ones, may God, in His mercy and grace, grant you many more years of life together. This is not only our wish, it is our heart's desire and our earnest and fervent prayer.

  2. Happy Anniversary--love you guys!

  3. Congratulations on 37 wonderful and memorable years. May God grant you many MANY more.

  4. Ms. Whitney Beck, daughter #3, is taking the Colorado Bar Exam tomorrow and Wednesday.

    Mike, it has been so long ago for me that I forget how anxious I was, but I do recall that Robin and I were nearly penniless and I think that it crossed my mind that if somehow I did not pass the test we would go from penniless to homeless.

    I wonder if you recall taking the Indiana bar exam and how anxious you were. I do recall that after I turned in my last blue book, (it was all essay back then) I drove a VW Microbus to Amherst, Massachusetts, picked up hiking gear and then on Pinkham Notch, NH, where I hiked Mount Washington and other peaks on the Appalachain trail...while replaying in my mind every question on the 2 day bar exam and the answer I had given. It was a great release to overcome a physical challenge and concurrently get over the mental challenge I had just been through courtesy of the Board of Bar Examiners.

    Whitney thinks that she is facing a monumental task tomorrow and Wednesday. She is. Without passage, she cannot practice law and therefore can be a lawyer, but not an attorney at law. It is important.

    Hope you and your bride are enjoying the last couple of weeks before the start of still another year of educating the masses at Kokomo HS. I have been keeping up on this blog with your situation. You have my thoughts.