Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sitting in the Shade on a Sunday Afternoon

You may have noticed that I’ve lost count of the CHEMOs. That’s because the best laid plans of mice and men and Chemo Doctors, can go astray.

This treatment has targeted, among other things, Mike’s various colors: Red, White, Blue (ok, no chemist…..). All of the colors must be flying to get a treatment. We’ve had a few weeks when one or more were not at attention. Last week was such a week.

Tomorrow, Monday, we go back (yes, a trip back to the OLD neighborhood), get the colors checked out and then, if the time is right, Mike will sit for some more juice.

Right now, we’ve retreated inside as the afternoon sun is beautiful and brutal. Mike is snoozing off a monster steak he just ate. He saw a table top grill in a magazine and decided that we needed one. It’s out on the picnic table, all round and small and cute; and right now, it’s cooling off.

Earlier, I ventured back down to the Art Fair and dropped in to visit with several of my favorite shop keepers. While I was strolling, Mike tied the kayak to his ankle and went for a swim. It makes him feel good except that, as they say these days, the “algae is in bloom.” That is nicey nice talk for the lake is really dirty……bloom away, oh you green gunk.

We decided that we DO have a few appointments and visitors and trips and such so I brought back my desk top blotter/calendar….but I’m keeping it out of the way.

June will see visits from the Hayes side of the family. Also, I’m making a quick trip to San Antonio to hug some grandboys and to see Allyson graduate from residency.

July brings, I know, the 4th. Winona Lake does it up big on that weekend. Also, a buddy of mine may come up and teach me to play bridge. Here’s what I see: when you become a vintage lady, you either play golf or your play bridge. I’m no golfer. My mom, who is both, tried to teach me to play bridge but I think she began in the middle, too far ahead for me to follow. My buddy is a freshly retired teacher….teacher….you know, good at reading confusion on the student’s face. I’m hopeful I’ll get the hang of bridge.

THEN: best part of the summer, darling niece and her almost-as-darling fiancé will tie the knot in Raleigh at the end of the month. A large contingent of family will be there for the weekend.

Much fun.

So, for now, here on Sunday afternoon, I’m packing up to go back to Kokomo for the day and then back to our lake house home.

I’ll keep you posted as to our progress in the oncology department.

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  1. Each day, as you well know, many of us knock at the door of heaven and then bow at the feet of the Creator of the Universe where we plead for total healing and complete restoration for Mike. We also ask our loving Father to uphold you, dear Lynne, as you bulwark your beloved.

    Just today, when I looked up for the briefest of moments, I saw a very loving and winsome smile cross the lips of our Savior. My heart leaped within me as I remembered that He knows exactly what we need -- what you dear ones need -- even before we ask.

    But, we keep asking; keep pleading. And, we will not cease to do so!