Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chemo and Cars

We were back in Kokomo for a Monday appointment.

Yesterday, Mike drove out to the Oncology Department. His numbers were acceptable so the treatment commenced. He reports that he was the only patient there. That meant that all 4 nurses came and checked on him and chatted him up and chided him to be careful and asked why he had not brought his guitar. He said all of this with a tinge of bother but I know it’s a show. He loves how they care for him. So do I.

Meanwhile, I got a few things done in Kokomo: bills paid, errands run, and some laundry completed. I also laid out the things I’m taking to Texas later in the week. I have one dress up event and then I believe I will dress for the weather, which is even hotter than Indiana, I hear.
Mike rode his motorcycle back to the lake and I followed in HIS truck.

A word here: My husband and I do not share the same philosophy about automobiles. I was raised in Detroit when that’s where cars came from. And there were a lot of cars. That region’s idea was 1) drive it, and drive it fast; 2) wear it out; 3) get another. Mike, on the other hand, has always been one of those car fanatics: he washes the car, by hand, when it gets RAIN on it. If we are driving after a storm, he will alter the route to avoid puddles which might contain, GASP, mud. He always parks away from other cars as ‘you just can’t trust them.’

Consequently, over the years, people have wanted to buy his cars, knowing what good care he takes. Mine? Ready to trade or scrap when I’m done with them. Some of us consider auto dings as its patina.

Honestly, I’ve gotten better over the years, although I refuse to let the weather determine if I’m going out.

So, although he loves me lots, he would rather me not drive HIS car which at this time is a Silverado truck. But this moving back and forth is tricky; this time, the bikes needed to come. That requires the truck. So, hub sucked it up and tried not to think about me driving HIS car.
I will report that I ran into no puddles and arrived several hours after he had.

“Where have you been?”

“Puddle jumping. Also, I stopped at Wal-Mart, just to get a few things, so I parked right by the door.”

Kidding. Kidding.

Today, we are enjoying the hottest day of the year so far. We both worked in the yard for about an hour, early in the morning, and then it was time to come inside to get out of the blazing sun.
Wednesday we head south again as I will catch a 7 AM flight on Thursday, from Indianapolis.

I asked a friend, an oncology nurse, what to make of days with pain, days with mild discomfort, and then days with nothing to make us think about cancer.

“Good days,” she said.

I’ll take as many good days as God will give us.

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  1. You're funny. I'm with Mike though in that I too drive around puddles and mud in order to keep my driving machine's in pristine condition. My husband on the other hand drives his cars into the ground. Here's to more good days!