Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lake View

Living here almost full time, there were several things I wanted to do. One was to stock a bird feeder and invite our chirpy neighbors to drop by.

Such a good idea. However, I'm beginning to think that my other neighbors have given up luring birds to their yards. We fill up this tube and within 60 minutes, it's empty.

Yes, we are seeing lots of birds and the squirrels can't reach it. But these are rather tame birds and they have attitude. When the feeder is empty, some of them, especially the male robins, perch on our fence and complain. They stop only if I give the feeder a second fill

Mike and our nephew Brian have resurrected Last Call, the Cocktail Class Racer that Mike made. Brian has built a small hydroplane and together, they are racing around the lake.

I hear that last weekend, the Conservation Officer, Nathan, (always good to be on a first-name basis) pulled them over for some silly thing like speed or registration.

I hear that the offenders have addressed the issue.

Back at the cottage, my other goal, since I can be here daily, is to keep my window boxes vibrant. In the past, I planted what I hoped were hearty flowers that had to survive 4 or 5 days without water. Usually, when we arrived on Friday, they were all wilted and drooping. I'd drown them and sometimes they would spring back.

However, now I can water daily. I may have lost the BLACK THUMB for which I am so famous.

Also, my big treat is my single tomato plant. It's very easy to grow tomatoes in Indiana. The problem is bugs and critters who also like them 'maters.' So, this year, I plunked my tiny seedling into a pot, clearly 2 feet above critter reach. I placed a intimidating bright yellow cage around it and daily, I'm watching it reach up to the sun.

"When might we expect some tomatoes," asks the hub.

"August, near the end of the summer," I brag, assured.

So here we sit and watch the lake and the sunset. Peace.


  1. Odd. Our feeder (scarcely a hundred yards from yours) got business all spring, but now I don't see any birds at it. I guess they all went to yours!

  2. Finally spent a morning catching up with your blog. Loved getting all the news -- and the pics of the boys, the lake, etc. Cannot wait to see you guys!