Saturday, June 4, 2011

On Lake Time

So, we've sorta moved our residence. We are 'at home' in Winona Lake. We will make trips back to the other home for treatments and so forth.

Just Thursday, two days into our 'move,' we had to go back because is was ROOT DAY. Some women of a certain age, certainly THIS one, make scheduled visits to the hair genius who cuts and colors and styles the hair.

Sally, a true artist, has been with me through much of my adult life. We figure it out...about 25 years. She coaxed me into perms when that was a bit deal; she coaxed me into that hair-through-the-cap stage until what remained was getting quite gray. Now we color and, on occasion, foil. Sally is so much more skilled than I appreciate. I know that I am approached regularly by someone who does appreciate a skilled coiffure, who asks for her name. Alas, or yon-ya, Sally is way too busy. I am blessed, believe you me.

Other than that, we are sliding into the lake life. It's a bit of a shock: no TV; no Internet; no central air; also no make-up or the need for dress up clothes.

The Village of Winona sponsors events throughout the summer. This weekend is the annual Art Fair. Lots of artists in various mediums, display their creations for the huge crowds that come. Today, it was steamy and sunny, good for that kid wheeling the cooler with bottled water. (Enterprise: another art) Sometimes the first weekend in June can be cold and rainy so this is better, meaning bigger crowds.

Two Winona Lake friends, who are also mother and daughter, have formed their own company. Their art is hat making. And although I'm in declutter mode these days, I just had to buy one of their hats.

As some of you come to me via other sites, you might enjoy checking out their work: Abby is a precocious 11 year old. And Mom is pretty cool, too.

From our porch, we can watch, as we did tonight, the storm that blew in. We've had a steamy hot day, even with a hefty breeze. So, the storm a-coming dropped the temperature about 10 degrees. Dark clouds mixed with pink ones, swirling until they were all dark. Then, big drops began to fall, just before the lightning. From our white rockers, we felt the cooling breeze and saw trees sway and grass ripple.

On other nights, we sit out on our pier, sip a little of this or that, and watch the sun set over the lake. Swans and ducks float past as the waves lap across the bow of a wooden boat.

And, I taught the hub something: he kept looking at his watch, like we had somewhere to go by a certain time. Which we don't. We're on lake time. "Why don't you take off that watch?" I asked him. "That's how I unwind in the summer, no bells, no set times."

It was obvious that this idea had never occurred to him. His watch, well, it's like part of his wardrobe. Ah, but we are sporting new wardrobes, or the lack thereof. So, he smiled and took it off.

NOW we don't really care what time it is. Sun up? Day time.

So, my set plan when we moved was to rise every day before dawn and walk to the drug store to get a newspaper. Then, I would walk back. And I would set aside a hour a day for uninterrupted writing.

You see that I have trouble letting go of a schedule.

So far, we've been sleeping in (and taking great naps), and the 'hour a day' just hasn't happened yet. I have a few entries, not finished, that will appear soon. But not tonight.

We're on lake time.


  1. A beautiful missive - and I'm so glad you shared. 'Been thinking about you both and I pray that every day is a good one there at the Lake.

  2. Imagine, dear ones, what it will be like for us in heaven. And, there you two will be helping the rest of us unwind.

    After all, you've experienced this bliss before. Why, it's "Lake Time" for all eternity.