Friday, March 18, 2011

Heading into a Great Weekend

THIS week began with high fever and a hospital stay.

THIS week ends with a healed husband. We met with his Angel Doctor this morning who smiled as she reported that the infection was resolved and all of Mike's various chemicals were back to normal.

All those numbers are not-s0-meaningful to us. The good color, the renewed energy, and lack of ear pain --- THAT means something we can understand.

So, as Mike winds up his teaching for the week, he'll be serving on Sunday, playing his guitar at church. He says he has "The Communion Set."

Many friends tell me that every time they see Mike up on stage, it just makes them so happy.

So Oakbrook folks (and others in the neighborhood): Prepare for HAPPY.


  1. Man, that's such great news. I also wish I could just fly out from VA and attend your church service.

  2. I just spent a bit of time reading through the last 6 posts (yes, I was behind...). So, so happy that Mike's feeling better. Wish I could be at church with you... always love hearing Mike play. Hugs to you both!