Monday, March 21, 2011

CHEMO: Day Three

Or the start of cycle two

Mike reports that "today was such a great day."
He got up, ate breakfast and then drove out to the Oncology Center.

The angels greeted him with smiles and pats. His doctor had suggested that he bring his guitar so he did. During the morning, staff and patients gathered 'round for a good time. (He also penned this week's Business Law Exam, another kind of 'good time.')

I was off to school for a work day: no students, just time to collaborate with colleagues.

He called me for lunch; we still don't have this cell phone thing worked out. I cannot get a signal in my room. He called and called but got the recording. I stayed through lunch, got lots done and left early.

After lunch, Mike went to the YMCA for his 1500 yards in the pool. Then, he jumped upon the Ducati, formerly housed in our bedroom, and took it for a spin. Then, home again, he worked out in the shop except when neighbors and friends dropped by.

It looks like spring is coming quickly. Tomorrow should be sunny and 70. Good days are great days.


  1. What a great update on Mike. Sorry you missed lunching with him though.

  2. Praying that this week goes better for Mike. Very cool that he brought the guitar, I bet the other people hope that is a regular occurrence.
    He sounded great on Sunday, it was so nice to see him up there again!