Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CHEMO: Day Four

Mike's doctor is on vacation this week so her associate met with him. They discussed the occasional fever and my insistence that the hub go to the Emergency Room.

BTW: as per printed instructions. We're readers in this house. We read those pages of inserts that come with prescriptions. (I skip over 'occasional side effects' as I am, um, empathetic....some MAY say hypochondriac, and if I read about a slight itch on the left wrist, well.......)

When Mike chose to begin Chemo, we got 6 pages of information. Part of the instructions were "When your temperature reaches 100.5, you must be seen at the hospital. MUST. I also appreciate accuracy in words. THIS doctor, according to the hub, so this is now third hand, seem to agree with Mike that at least our last trip, Saturday night, was unnecessary if "that's all they do for you."

His temp. had spiked (several numbers higher than 100.5) and I had dragged him out into the frosty night and to the hospital where we sat for 2 hours. By the time they took us to triage, the temp. was back to normal. But we were there with the wrist band and all so it turned into a night in a chilled examining room.

For those who count noses, THAT'S why we skipped church. ZZZZZ

I need some clarification on this temperature issue and will talk to his regular doctor when she returns. Anyway, Monday was Day Four. Mike had created a framed Arts and Crafts mirror for his special nurse so he handed the gift to her. Then, he took what has become his usual chair and sat for the treatments. Home and out to lunch with a friend. Then, off to the Y for the swim. Then, home for more work in the shop. Then, a dinner meeting with some clients. Yes, he's still cranking out a little work. There are quite a few people who would be lost without this attorney to sort their lives back into reasonable order.

He was tired when he got home. Long, long day.

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