Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Angels Make You Well

Whew. We're home.

It took 24 hours for medical angels to help bring the fever down. It took 5 trays of "Full Liquid" meal trays for Mike to crave some real food.

Earlier this morning, he started strumming on a newly adjusted guitar. He chose one of his classical pieces. I used drift off the sleep as he practiced this tune. Today, even though our door was partially closed, an audience gathered in the hall. We were surprised when we opened the door.

Mike's doctor glowed as she praised his skill and then mentioned that she had just begun to take lessons. He and she spent the next 15 minutes in discussions of all things musical.

Oh, yeah. She also swims at the Y. Another Mike-buddy is born.

Today is one of those dismal, cold, rainy days that land around here, just before spring. When the doc told Mike he could go, it was a quick trip into the shower and then he jumped into his sweats, grabbed his other stuff, and headed to the car.

Then, we cruised down the Kokomo 'strip:' that means past every fast food joint you can name. His choice today was Burger King. Even though he was a bit unshaven, he said, "Let's go in."

I mean, at 2 in the afternoon, who will we see? As it turns out, several clients stopped by our table.

Finally, we got home. Feeling human. Feeling good.

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