Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Evelyn in Indiana

So, guess who flew in for Mike's birthday? My MOM.

Evelyn Hayes of Melbourne, Florida, managed to
s-q-u-e-e-z-e us in to her always full itinerary.

I drove down to Indianapolis to pick her up last Thursday. Our airport is brand new, really beautiful, minus any asbestos (a major reason for the new digs), and easy and quick to navigate.

Except, for us from the north of Indy, it requires about 15 minutes more driving time. That's a pain.

However, you soon let any petty aggravation drift to the back when you enter. It has nice touches: always hot water in the bathrooms and so forth

So, Mom jangled my cell phone when she arrived at the gate.

And, there she was.

We drove back to Kokomo. I was up and gone Friday morning, having left the coffee pot ready.

How did she amuse herself? Mike talked her into a quick flight over to Muncie where they enjoyed lunch.

Later that evening, we all attended The Brick, a monthly, informal gathering at our friends' house. Anywhere between 10 and 50, 60, or more descend to visit and enjoy home made pizza. I spied Mike in the kitchen, rolling out the dough. It turned into a late night so after a good rest, we loaded up and headed to Winona Lake.

Sunday was Birthday Party Day. Monday was play day for Evelyn and Lynne. Tuesday, and Mom is back in sunny Florida.

Love you, Mom. Thanks. For everything, always.

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  1. Great pictures of Mom... especially in the plane. Wow! She must've had a great time. Can't wait to hear the stories.