Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2nd Annual Birthday Party at the Lake

Come one. Come all. 501 Administration Drive Winona Lake, IN.

Sunday 8/29/10 Somewhere between five and five hundred will gather to celebrate yet another birthday for Mike.

We have a BIG cake. We will light candles and Mike will blow them out at 5 PM. Before that time, there's the lake, the park, the island, and all sorts of interesting people to meet. After that, there will be cake. RED VELVET cake! And ice cream. And stuff to drink and munch on.

If for some reason you cannot make it, then join us by satellite googling and I"m betting you'll catch the glow emanating from inside out.


  1. Oh how I wish we could be there. Have fun, fun, fun!!

  2. Well, I really thought about it .... HARD. I even mapquested the time it would take - and if I left immediately after church - I wouldn't get there til midnight, if everything went absolutely without a hitch.

    And so, I will have to settle for the satellite googling thing - wave, will you? love you all. janis

  3. Wish we were going to be there but I am in Colorado while Alan finishes his August schedule of flying. Then we are in AZ all of September to get the place on the market. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!