Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday AGAIN!

School's back in session in Indiana; the dog days are upon us; and Mom is coming to visit.

You know those news stories about the uber-active octogenarians, the ones whose activity calendars render you exhausted, just to read them?

That's my mom, Evelyn Hayes, lately of Melbourne, Florida.

She's been jetting around the country this year and has taken a few cruises and in just under two weeks, she'll fly to Indianapolis for a week-long stay.

Why? Well she loves us. But it's also time for another BIRTHDAY PARTY. Yep. Last year, I was taking down the decorations (humble) at Mike's party and tossing most of them. When I tore down the cheesy aluminum HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner, Mom suggested I put it away to use for next year. I almost cried. We certainly didn't think there'd BE a next year.

But, frugality and hope win out again. The banner is coming out.

August 29 we will celebrate Mike's birthday, here at the lake.
You are all invited. Really. The agenda is "Cake cutting and candle blowing out at 5 PM." Other than that, we will make whatever party we can.

And Mom would not miss it. My mom is like that. She's also marking another birthday in August.

Thanks be to God for His Blessings and Faithfulness.

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