Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lake Views

Mike’s latest project was to replace the dining room table at the lake. This time, he designed it himself, chose carefully quarter-sawn oak planks for the top, carved and filled inlays at both ends, and then finished it off with many coats of antique oil.

It’s 6 ft x 3 ½ ft, with a utility shelf underneath. You may be able to make out our SCRABBLE game on that shelf.

Who knew? We’ve been married for 36 years and until recently, had never played Scrabble together. At least some of that is due to the fact that Mike prefers more active sports.

He beats me, usually, but I’m getting better. His strategy is to look for all of those bonus squares, use them or at least block me from using them.
My strategy seems to be ‘use up all these letters and get new ones.’ So far, his plan works better, but I’m dazzling us with my word acumen.

“What is a roan??”

“Color of a horse.”
(“War” by Stephen Crane)

My photos really don’t do the table justice.

And, as luck would have it, I captured the hub who had been captured by the sleeping couch. Anyone who lies down there, no matter what time of day, no matter if he is sleepy or not, within 10 minutes has traveled to Napville. Yes, I know it's sideways.
You are getting veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery sleeeeeeepy.


  1. I am showing that table to Morgan! :) Nice job, Mike!

  2. So nice to see the finished product... it's gorgeous, Mike! And, Lynne, I just got up -- but I am getting sleepy... need that couch today.

  3. Nice job on the table! From my walk past last night, sounds like the guitar playing is coming along, too!

    Andy (your neighbor from 4 houses down)