Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer Request

Mike is back at our community college, teaching Business Law. The department head asked if they could 'enroll a few more' as there were requests beyond the course limits. Mike said, "Sure." So he has about 10 more students that before.
Turns out, a long time friend of mine is in his class. Today she said to me, "You know, it just makes me so happy to see him, this man that I've prayed for, really prayed for, for so long."
And I said that she is one of so many who are sharing the miracle with us and praising our God.
So, we know that many readers are praying. And we will now ask you to stretch your Bolinger list.
This is our daughter, Allyson, with her boys when they visited in July. She's such a good mom and they are, of course, close to perfect.

This is also our daughter, Captain Allyson E. Fewell, US Army Medical Corps.
She was selected as Intern of the Year in 2009, by her peers and then by the top Army brass.

And THIS is our daughter, sporting her new shorter hair cut and preparing for a 3 week deployment in Haiti. She leaves 9/4.

And so we will ask you, our praying friends, to remember Allyson, her boys Drew and Noah, their Auntie Sherry, AND Grampa and Gramma who are on duty next weekend.


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