Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where we're headed

Last night, the Howard County Bar Association honored Mike with a retirement party. According to the hub, this hasn’t happened in all the years he’s practiced. Quite a few attorneys have died at their desks (I’m not kidding) or became so ill that, as they quit, they were unable to celebrate. So another blessing for Mike.
Friends, colleagues, some clients, and family gathered at the local country club. Festive and fun.
After several people had a chance to tell their Mike Story, the guest of honor rose for a few remarks. He spoke from his heart. He said his piece. He told a few tales himself. He thanked everyone. He reflected on a few questions he wants to ask God as soon as they meet. “But I know that this is the plan and I know that when I get the answer, it will make perfect sense.”
We are, literally, headed to the lake for the July 4th Weekend. Winona Lake does Independence Day up right with small town flavor but bigger town financial support. (Several manufacturers of artificial hips/knees call Warsaw (next door) their home.
There will be the Annual Firecracker 5 K, party food: home made ice cream, snow cones, cotton candy, corn dogs; parades, contests, inflatable playground-things, concerts, and the big, big deal – one of the best fireworks displays in the state. We will either motor out into the lake or sit on our pier about 10 PM Saturday night and watch the sky explode while a live orchestra provides music on a nearby hill.
On Monday, Mike and I are taking off to Deal’s Gap in Tennessee. This is the site of the semi annual Wheaton College Alumni Limited motor cycle excursion. Mike and friend Dale have made this trek numerous times, to try their hands at not killing themselves on what bikers call The Tail of the Dragon.
As I am the co-pilot this time, the trip will be a little more tame. We are trailering the bike, staying in a nice motel with running water, and if it’s raining, we will skip the ride and go shopping. (I haven’t told him that….)
If he wants adventure (and another broken rib or deflated lung), he’ll have to go again with Dale.
And then, and here’s where you can continue to pray, on July 13, Mike will have surgery; the doctor will insert a port, the final preparation for treatment. Once in place, we are ready to give it a go.
As always, I am committed to making this the place where you can get the most accurate information about us. Thank you for soldiering with us.

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