Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UPdate from today's appointment

I stopped by the local post office this afternoon where I connected with two blog readers. “How did the blood work go?” one asked.

As she may not be the only one who is praying for us and seeks information I'll jot a quick note here.

We met with oncologist this morning and she was very pleased with Mike’s health as displayed in his blood.

“No anemia.” “No nausea.” “No side effect problems.” “We will get the marker numbers later in the week and I will call you but…” and finally, "I knew you’d do well with the chemo and radiation.”

Both doctors agree that the stomach pain Mike is having is surgery related and is not cancer related. To the oncology radiation doctor, Mike has said, “If I knew I had a year, I’d buy FILL IN BLANK WITH TOY. Actually, he wouldn’t but he always likes to dream big dreams.

Dr: Go buy it!

To oncologist, Mike said, “If I knew I had some months of good health, I’d go to NAME SOME FAR OFF DESTINATION.

Dr: Get going!

Of course, in the middle of all of this enthusiasm, she also said that the cancer would eventually take Mike’s life...that’s how she put it today. But not today!

It’s easy to slip into the fantasy that Mike will just get well and we’ll be off playing, traveling, and enjoying life for a long, long time. The doctors don’t want to snuff out enthusiasm for life but their carefully chosen words keep the reality in sight.

One of our pastors asked Mike to teach a class this fall. Mike had said, “I don’t think I’ll be around.” Apparently, he will so he’ll need to get some lessons going.

I trust this is a good update for you all. Thank you for your prayers. The Blues come and go here. Today, the sky is gray and the blues are hanging around.

God is with us. And you. Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Thank you Lynne for the updates, I check for them often through Lydia's blog. Prayers daily, Lauri H.

  2. There is never a day so weary
    There is never a night so long
    That the soul who is trusting Jesus
    Will somewhere find a song.
    Wonderful! wonderful!Jesus
    in the heart he implanteth a song
    a song of deliverence
    of courage
    of strength
    in the heart HE implanteth a song

    yet another old tune that is SOOO uplifting!!!
    sing away!!