Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'Nother trip to Victory Field

Monday was the kind of day that we Hoosiers remember when the temp climbs into the high nineties and the humidity is OVER 100%. Why do we live HERE?

Last night, a balmy 80 degrees. DST means that even at 9 PM, we still have light. We drove down to watch the Indianapolis Indians face (not battle) the Louisville Bats. 10 - 1 loss. Sad. One pitcher walked 5 (FIVE) batters in a row, and the crowd was not kind, before he was taken out

The park is clean and beautiful. The seats are magnificent. AND, it was dollar night so the hot dogs were cheap.

Baseball up close.


  1. Very nice! I grew up on the Cardinals down in St. Louis but after the whole new stadium boondoggle I lost my taste for the game. I've been thinking lately of checking out the AA teams for an affordable, purer version of the game not ruled by multi-million dollar egos. Do you carry one of those wee portable fans for sweltering days like that?

  2. Victory Field is a GREAT time! Slate & I love it!