Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clinging to our Father; calling on our friends.

On Monday, July 13, Mike will begin treatment. At best, this is palliative, to relieve symptoms and as we understand it, there’s a chance to buy some more time.

His doctors at Howard Community Hospital want to begin right away. He will have his first radiology treatment at about 10:30. Then he’ll walk over to the outpatient surgery center and at 1:30, they will insert a port. When he wakes up, they will wheel him over to oncology where he will receive his first chemo treatment.

So pick any/all of this. We expect Monday to be hard.

After that, Mike is to come back every day, 5 days a week for continuation of radiation/chemo. The actual treatment time is short but it’s every day for 6 weeks. We don’t know, haven’t asked, when/if they will determine how it’s working. They have prepared us that Mike will experience fatigue some days, perhaps necessitating going to bed to rest. They have given him a prescription for nausea and say that few patients with this treatment get sick.

Mike will have to curtail some activities that he enjoys. He certainly hopes to be up and out in his work shop.

Should anyone want to drop by, please feel free to do so, especially if the garage door is up and/or the work shop light is on.

We know that you are following us and praying for us. God answers your prayers in all sorts of startling ways. For Monday, we ask for you to bring our names before God’s throne as we walk a new corridor.



  1. Thank you, Lynne for the heads-up on Mike's treatment. Yes, you both are in my prayers. I'm so glad you have this blog going. I've never followed one and it helps me a great deal, this knowing how you are doing. And getting the news of Mike's condition from the source is better than the grapevine. God is wonderful, and I look forward to his movement in your lives, as I know you do. Auntie Abbey

  2. Lynne it is wonderful to be able to check how things are going without interrupting your precious time together. The news so far is quite impressive! And so good to read!
    Alan is getting the biplane ready for the flight to Oshkosh with Brian's help on Sunday. Hoping to get out of AZ on Weds. We meet in Omaha and Brian drives and I fly with Alan onto WI.
    After Oshkosh the plane will be in IN until September fly-ins including Lee Bottom. Prayers continue for you all,Lauri