Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 2

Another 5 days crossed off and so far, so good. When he’s unplugged, Mike’s port is now just a little flesh-colored bump.

Mike continues to have ‘strange pain’ in his stomach area, “nothing I can’t live with.” Because this is so new and unknown, we don’t know and they don’t know. We DO know that the discomfort is relieved when he eats. Could it be hunger? Sounds like it but ‘feels’ different than that.

At any rate, when he met the dietitian at the oncology center, she quizzed him about weight loss and diet. He’s gained back all the weight he lost after surgery. For my always-thin hub, that means he’s tipping the scales at 166 lbs. When she asked him about his diet, he said, “Pizza, steak, ice cream, candy bars, milk shakes, Frosty’s and Louie’s.” More on Louie’s later. I also found Hot ‘n Spicy V8 so he’s getting some veggies.

This is close to a normal diet for him. Oh yes, and he loves sweet iced tea. That abomination has finally planted roots in the Midwest and he chugs it often. I believe the dietitian was taken aback. She DID say that apparently she had no current advice for him.

We’ve had a rainy, cold week and with it, moments of The Blues. Sometimes we find that cuddling helps. Between chins and foreheads, knees and toes, we just fit together really nicely. Of course, this brings sweet sorrow itself as the more we melt into each other, the more we know that the tearing apart will hurt. Sometimes, the best cure for The Blues is to get yourself in gear, up, dressed, and busy. Mike has had a few more finish-up legal things which has mean he dug out a suit, shirt and tie and went to court. Then, home and back into comfies: oversized shorts and T shirts and outside to his projects.

The Lotus: coming along. One afternoon, Mike, Jeremy, and Zach surrounded the body of the car and commenced some sort of group activity that took about an hour and left them all dirty dirty dirty and happy. I uncovered an ancient sliver of Lava soap to combat the grease. Zach asked me if it had come with the house….hahahaha. Funny kid. Actually, no, but I believe I purchased it shortly after the millennial change. There were animated planning-type discussions about the engine block and, um, something else. Not my thing.

The Desk: I really must get a photo to post. Mike started on my desk in early June. He found a photo in an Arts/Crafts furniture gallery book and decided to give it a go. It’s oak with mahogany inlays on the sides. When I thought he was about finished, he decided to add a top piece with 8 drawers. They will be concealed behind matching doors. It’s amazing, as is the artist.

Louie’s: as promised. Louie’s is a local establishment, a specialty restaurant, I guess you could call it. That speciality is The Bake, a kind-of hamburger baked in Coney Sauce and served with lots of onions and cheese, and then more onions. Also at Louie’s, you can get your basic Coney Dog. I have ordered a bowl of chili myself, and without onions, it has a sauce-like consistency that requires some crackers to give it bulk. When Mike’s office was in full swing, he forbade any staff from eating Louie’s as its bouquet filled the entire building for days. Those who eat at Louie’s often continue to enjoy their meal hours after they think they have finished.

Several Mondays, the call comes at 11:30 and whatever boys can be gathered meet at Louie’s along with brother Matt, friend Tom, and anyone else they care to bring along. I am not included, which is ok with me.

This week, a local church held their annual Bible School, for ages 3 – 8 from 6 until 7:30. It was perfect for Drew and Noah. They got home from camp, had time to decompress and eat dinner and then really had fun at Camp Bible. By the time we got home, there was just enough time for snack, bath and bedtime. I know that some people would consider Bible School for 3-yearolds as nothing more than babysitting but such experts have not talked to said 3 year old after the fact. Both Noah and Drew learned that God loves everybody and wants us to show His love by helping those who have less than we do. Every night, children brought canned goods for a local food pantry. Drew and Noah told me about this every night, that some children would be eating the beans, tuna, and soup that they brought to church.

Saturday is Jeremy’s birthday and he gets to celebrate out in the cornfields. It’s been a rainy week so it will be hot, sticky and buggy. Happy Birthday, Baby! Actually, we decided to celebrate on several evenings. Tuesday, we had a Transformers cake (Drew picked it out) and Thursday, it was Thomas the Tank Engine (Noah’s choice). No candles but LOTS of red, blue, and black icing.

This week has brought visitors to the workshop porch. Good friends brought smiles, wit, and fresh herbs from their garden. Several other men came to chat with the hub and stayed for a long time.

Mike is expecting other visitors to the lake Saturday. We have filled up all gas cans and both watercraft; however, it looks like rain so we may actually dig out that Trivial Pursuit game.
Monday, Mike is back to the center to continue radiation and to get plugged back into the pump.

A specific prayer request: Jeremy scored amazing tickets for Thursday’s game between the White Sox and the Yankees. We pray that Mike will continue to feel well and will be able to go. When Jeremy bought them, the plan was just to see a Yankee’s game as near as possible. No one could have imagined that both teams would be so tough and that this may be some sort of pivotal contest. At any rate, if it’s on television, the hub and the angel son-in-law will be visible when the camera catches the on-deck circle along the first base line.

As always, thank you, dear friends, for your concern and prayers.

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