Sunday, July 5, 2009

Change in Plans

Sometimes around here, we’re all too sensitive to each other’s wishes. Life is short. We need to level with each other.

We planned this big trip. Mike had said he wanted to return to Deal’s Gap. I’m the ‘to do’ person so I got the details all sorted out..reservations, routes, weather forecasts.
We measured to see if the motorcycle could fit in the truck. Yes. We picked up several books-on-tape to pass the time. We laid out our ‘gear.’ I actually HAVE some gear.
All the while, Mike was feeling, I don’t know, uneasy about driving 9 – 10 hours, several days, long hauls in our nice but bumpy truck. But he figured that I really really wanted to do this so he said nothing.
In fairness to his perspective, there have been other adventures I’ve brainstormed in the last few months. Go go go do do do. Most were really un-doable. THIS trip seemed like we could manage so the hub didn’t want to disappoint his frau.
He began dropping hints. “I don’t feel too good.” “I’m not sure we should go.” “Is it going to rain?” I didn’t push it.
We talked some more as we began to pack.

ME: Do you want to go?
HE: Sure. We’ll go.
ME: Do you want to go?
HE: I don’t know about the long trip.
ME: (time for straight talk) Look. This is 99.9% for you.
HE: But you want to ride the motorcycle.
ME: HOW long have we been married? I’ve never cared about the motorcycle.
HE: Oh. Yeah.

Pause. Ceiling fan whirling. Nice breeze.

HE: You know what I’d like to do?
ME: What?
HE: I’d like to drive up to the lake and stay all week.
ME: Great idea.

So that’s where you’ll find us, north rather than south of Kokomo.


  1. You two are very funny! I would think after so many years together, conversations would get easier! lol Enjoy the lake!

  2. Have a great week! Weather seems to be cooperating beautifully today.