Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Morning - Week One Done

Have you ever had it happen? You cut yourself or crash you shin into something or bang your head or touch the hot stove for the second time....I live in a fantasy world where everybody is as clumsy as I am.
Anyway, and especially if you've lived an injury-deprived life, it's common for the pain receptors to freeze for several seconds. You look at the injury and you have time to think, "This is really going to hurt." And you're right but the pain does not register right away.
It may be a survival have time to grab the band aide, tourniquet, girl friend, before you lose it completely.
This week has reminded me of that delayed reaction. We have not sat around waiting, but we had figured that some side effects would occur this week. So far, we have nothing to report.
Mike and Zach took the mountain bikes out (for the uninitiated, we have no mountains; we are the Midwest) and enjoyed the sun and exercise. Mike has taken to walking around with his shirt off, showing off his new medical accessory. The port, added to that large abdominal scar, gives him a Frankenstein vibe, although a really cute one.
He gets a weekend reprieve and then back for week 2. We will be leaving for the lake shortly. It appears we will have a cool snap, never a problem for me. It means sleeping with the windows open and few heavy blankets snugging us in.
The other evening, I was working in the basement and there came much thumping from up above. I thought, perhaps, the grandbabies were afoot. But no. It was the hub and the son, again making music; this time it was foot thumping music. Many smiles. Much music.
We continue to thank God for all of you who are praying for us. Our God is powerful, merciful, and oh so good.

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  1. NOW you decide you want to start a modeling career? lol Glad you are well enough to ride!