Friday, December 17, 2010

A Few More Little Things

For daughter Allyson, a maple desktop organizer.
This is similar to the one we gave Janelle for Thanksgiving except hers was built of cherry.

A work in progress, about a week ago.

Now on its way to San Antonio.

Then, just to 'dot the eye,' Mike made a pencil holder for Janelle.


  1. The desk organizer is beautiful. Makes me want to inhale deeply and savor the wonderful aroma of the cut wood. It looks an awful lot like cherry but since you hinted that it's not, I'm going to guess red oak. In any event it's exquisite. I love the precision on those joints.

  2. I'm obviously catching up on your blog today. And -- I love my pencil holder. Forgive me for my lack of acknowledging it with a beautiful (ahem!) handmade thank you note. You'd think the card maker could send a card... Unfortunately, I guess she's like the shoemaker who has no shoes. :)