Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 9. 1950

OK. I'm only going to do this once. Because I'm only going to turn 60 once.60. 60! The BIG 6-0. OH! The Hayes brood circa 1958.

THE SON. The SMART one. The PILL. The Cute one.

Flirting with the Democrats. It was fleeting.



GradSchool. That's a manual typewriter. Google it.

SURPRISE birthday party. What's with that beard?

Wedding attendants.

Baby girl: I'm showing her a silver (actually Dyralite) spoon.
She was not impressed.

Baby boy. Came fast. Hair and makeup good.
He was not impressed.
Briefly, I thought I had it all together.
An Easter Sunday Morning


Hayes Brood Once Again: Cute/Smart/Pill/SON!!

Every day, every moment: a gift from God.

And THIS is what 60 looks like today.

Ok, done.
uh, Lynne OUT.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can only hope to reach 60 and look as good as you! You wear it well. Happy Birthday, kiddo.

  2. Oh, Lynne... I love, love, love it. You had me giggling over my keyboard. The dog is puzzled. I'm sure THE SON will love it, too. Happy 60th (tomorrow)!

  3. Oh no -- YOU can't be 60, because IF you are (and I'm determined you are NOT), that would mean I could be 60 in March! Of course, none of that is true -- RIGHT? However, IF you are determined to celebrate this fantasy, Happy, Happy Birthday, dear friend and many more (but don't count them out loud.

  4. Great stuff here. Wow--Lynne & Hubert Humphrey?? ;-)

  5. Happy 60th Lynne! Loved your post.....you are the MOST wonderful and delightful PILL in the world. 'm so thankful God allowed me to be your little sister! Growing up with Lynne made our household a Lewis and Clark adventure! Love to you, The Cute One