Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Christmas Letter

The year's recap

Health concerns in February culminated with
Mike's diagnosis of microscopic metastatic gall bladder
cancer in early April. We came home from the hospital and prepared for a funeral. He retired and I took a leave of absence.

And legions of friends, named and unnamed, began storming the gates of Heaven in our behalf. We know that many are speaking to the Father daily on our behalf.
Mike recovered from the surgery and gained strength and, at present, we have results of two CTs that show no tumor growth. His blood work, targeting likely targets, is normal.
Christmas 2009 is like Thanksgiving, his birthday, my birthday, our anniversary……..all celebrations we did not think we would mark together. We are living a miracle.

In the past, Mike had been too busy to 'smell the roses.' Now, roses are popping up all over the place, all the time. Christmas is a season of gifts. We have been given the gift of more time. Quality time. We have enjoyed a good 35 year marriage. In the last year, our good marriage has grown to a great marriage. We are loving life and savoring all it offers.

As we move into 2010 (imagine!), we will covet your prayers. You can keep up with us at our blog:

We are humbled and grateful for all of your love and concern. May the God that we serve bless you in the new year.

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