Monday, December 14, 2009


About a year ago, I discovered a radio gem:

Dennis Miller has a radio show which broadcasts 3 hours/day from his home in Santa Barbara.

Depending on your age, you will know who Dennis is: Comedian. Sports Announcer. SNL Anchor. Etc.

What you may not know, as his show competes with some other popular programs, is that he and his staff put together a most entertaining and thought-provoking offering: social commentary, discussion of books, movies, and politics, absurdist situational comedy, and dot dot dot.

I would catch the show after school as I drove on errands. The signal is weak from Indianapolis and sometimes, I would map out my path so I could get good reception for certain segments.

His staff offers subscription incentives, called the Dennis Miller Zone where, among other things, you can download the programs and listen when you can. I found that an inexpensive way to listen, as I was also saving gasoline.

So I'm a fan. You might search to see if you can get his show.

The web site also has numerous message boards where listeners can sound off. One that is active is where listeners, while listening, comment on the program. Now, as an employed person, I would read through these but never participated. However, as I spent more time at home (and at hospitals and at doctor's offices), I dipped my toe into the message boards.

Now I know we all have stereotypes of the kinds of people who live at their computers and have human contact ONLY through their keyboards. But, may I say, the people I've met on the DMZ, most of them, are active, interested, interesting people.

I mentioned this to my son who said, "Oh, isn't that nice? Mom has little Internet friends." When I mentioned this summer that I was going to meet up with one, his amusement turned to alarm. HE apparently knows the stalkers that linger in cyberspace. That turned out great, by the way.

I, on the other hand, have formed friendships with folks all over the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. And, as it has become appropriate, I've shared the challenges that Mike and I are facing.

So what? So, I have stretched the prayer web even further.

Last week, Dennis asked listeners to call in and record stories of Christmas for broadcast. I was able to tell him that the best present of the season is my husband's health. And he concurred.

I believe these will be broadcast on Tuesday 12/15. You might check it out.

Anyway, the DMZ has been and continues to be a safe harbor, a place for me to think, express opinions, and learn from others.

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