Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family family family

Brother Ken and me at dinner
June has been family month here on the shore of Winona Lake. First, sister Jan dropped by. That was followed by sister Kris and her hub, Steve. Wednesday, brother Ken with his very mellow dog, Roxy, tried to unwind for a few days. Roxy, by the way, had NO trouble easing into the ease here.

Ken and Mike at the Boathouse
Friday afternoon found Ken on the road, down to Crawfordsville, IN. to visit with some of Janelle's family before heading over to Decatur, Ill. for the annual Hayes Family Reunion.

Mellow doggie
Saturday is the cousins' party although, because these are Hayes kin, anybody can show up and be made an instant honorary.

Sunday will find the extended family gathering at Pana, Ill park for some amazing food and fun. Then, Ken's headed back to Charlotte via Nashville.

I realize that this trivia may seem, um, trivial, but for our praying friends, please remember Ken on this long road trip. Roxy is great companionship and has, so far, enjoyed this first long car trip.

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  1. love the post, love the pics.. love you both.. janis