Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Dropping By

So, we've had a week of visitors to our little spot on Winona Lake. Not that it would matter as far as how much we 'fuss,' these are family. You expect family to "get it." In this case, to get in the spirit of the lake.
 Kris and Steve (Amerson) worked our place into a busy agenda. Steve had a singing engagement up near Lansing that took him north Saturday. He arrived back Wednesday morning, in time for Mike's huge gourmet breakfast and some goodbye hugs.

Mike hates posed pictures. Steve poses as part of his profession. I grabbed this one, in the car, as he was trying to escape.
Making a break for the airportKris stayed with us...she's heard him sing a few times...and quickly acclimated to our schedule that includes meals, naps, walks, naps, sitting by the lake, naps, sipping wine during get it.

Munchin' melon
 Their trip overlapped with sister Janis, who was en route to a conference in Springfield, MO. She of the fresh M.Div., is preparing to meet with her new churches; she's also moving 1 hour north of Kansas City and her grandboys.

It's always good to hang with Jan. And she enjoyed another of our activities: eating melon. Lots of melon.

Which begs the question: (earth shaking): to salt or not to salt?

Yet another difference between me and my guy: he salts his melon. Really. I don't know if this is a Hoosier thing, a Bolinger thing or just HIS thing. Personally, I can't imagine messing with the sweet, juicy taste of fresh melon. Especially when someone ELSE has cut it all up in nice chunks for me to grab and enjoy.
Lots of melon

Anniversary Dinner 6/8/12

During this great week of family (and naps), the hub and I clicked off another anniversary.  38 years since we pledged the pledge, in front of God, family, the world.

Steve and Kris treated us to a celebratory dinner at Winona Lake's Boathouse. Such fun.

Great times. Today, after the family had left (after laundering all the sheets and towels! Thanks, Kris), we took a quick trip to Fort Wayne. We were itching for a little Barnes and Noble. Then, home for lunch and, big surprise, a great afternoon nap.

Such is the flow of life in Northern Indiana right now.


  1. Sounds like you two are having a great summer so happy and thankful for this gift from God to you. And Mike, I'm with you, I grew up salting my watermelon...almost everyone did. Don't do it much now just to cut down on my salt consumption but love the flavor it adds!
    Love you both...Sherry

  2. Planning to see you Wednesday.......

  3. Looks like you've got your summer "slow shoes" on, I love it! My family also salted our watermelon, these days I opt to go w/o. My coworker salts hers as well as all other melon and apples.. apples, really? That's just wrong!

    Have a great time and enjoy this low humidity and pure sunshine.