Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy Week

Well, all that lazing is over for now. Time to get up and at it.

Monday, Mike goes out to visit the angels who pump him full of poison. Buying time. Getting a bargain. As always, we appreciate your prayers. These treatments don't wipe him out usually. But as my brother taught me, with cancer, there is no 'usual.' I pray that he will be able to enjoy the rest of the week.

Monday night, sister Janis (fresh M.Div. cum laude) arrives for a few days. Then, on Wednesday night, Steve and sister Kris arrive. Jan has to go to Springfield on Thursday so we'll get a little overlap.

On the weekend, Steve is headed north to a singing engagement and Kris, who's heard him sing a few times, will stay here.

Sometime after the weekend, I'll drive her to Fort Wayne to connect with Steve and then on they go.

THIS is not sisters' weekend as we've celebrated in the past. We'll not have another of those until our number is whole. But it will be fun to connect with these Hayes girls.

For those of you have 'visited' at the lake, (and, I guess for those considering it) we don't exactly 'fuss' for visitors. We let them adapt to our lifestyle. Clean towels and sheets, and we give the bathrooms a spray and wash, but otherwise....

One thing that rules when we have 'guests,' Mike does all the cooking. He's pretty good at it and even if he weren't.....I'm good with that.

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