Friday, June 15, 2012

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

My big sister (big in brains, big in smarts) reminded me that we grew up in a soft, predictable time and place. Opportunities were almost limitless: what DO you want to be when you grow up?
New wall cabinet

Fireman? Ballerina (me)? Indian chief?  Astronaut (also me)? President??? We were told, often, that anyone could grow up to be President. I'll leave that for mulling at your end.
He really loves the drawer

What did Mike want to be? Not sure. His family was full of doctors and lawyers and teachers and preachers. Plus quite a few 'creative temperment' types. His mom told me often that he should have been an accountant....don't think that was on his list. But, eventually, he found himself drawn to the study of law; that took him to IU Law School and on to 30 years of practice.
Although I never retained him, I know that Mike was really good at what he did. He became the guy to see in divorce proceedings. Sadly, Kokomo has provided enough work in this area to keep its lawyers busy. He is people smart and knows how and when to charm a jury. He also was skilled at charming the many administrative aides in multiple counties to the advantage of his schedule. He has said, more times than I can count, that he 'hated' what he did. Hmmmmm. Not sure about that. How can you hate what you are so good at? In this house, we take a degree of satisfaction in a job well done.

(bowl from Art Fair)
Whatever he might have visioned in his future, I'm pretty sure he never thought he'd end up speaking in church. From the dais. The main thing.

And yet, once again, this Sunday, Mike will be speaking at a church in Kokomo. We know that this is one reason that God has given Mike more time than he thought he'd have with us.

Another thing that probably wouldn't have been on his career list was "Furniture Craftsman." I mean, he didn't have the time. Then, he got the time. Readers of this blog have seen many examples of his work. And, here is another. Let that man alone in his shop and out comes something beautiful. This time, a wall cabinet of mahogany and curly maple. It hangs on the wall near the china cabinet at the lake.


  1. beautiful - and life is an adventure of moving with God's Spirit... glad others are getting to hear Mike's inspiring story! love you both, janis

  2. Love that God is using Mike's story to spread His message. One of my favorite talents about Mike is his story telling, I could listen to him for hours! I know I am not alone in that, he captivates a room. We'll be praying for him & those that are blessed to hear him.

    Hope you're both having a wonderful weekend.