Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ah, The Summer Wind

That would be 'storm.'
We get awesome storms here at the lake. They usually build quickly, moving from West to East. As we face west, when the clouds get dark, we can sit and watch as the storm moved across the lake.

Except Friday was a doozy. Across the lake, an eerie green haze rode the crest of white tops as the storm approached. Then, SLAM, we were hit with a blast measured at 60 MPH.

I was inside and felt a thud. I heard some crashing. I took out a sugar-free Fudgsicle and lay on the couch until the storm passed.

 The hub had taken the Ped to the local grocery. After the first blast, but certainly not the last, the skies opened and rain poured down. Much thunder and lightening. Very exciting.

East side of cottage took the hit
When it was over and before Mike came home, two very cute firemen were at my door to see if I was OK. "Yes," I said. Alas, I was out of Fudgsicles.

"Well, you were hit by a tree. Are you sure everybody is ok?"

Behind them, several neighborhood men. They repeated the question, asked where Mike was, and offered to check out the damage inside.

There was damage inside. The tree had landed on the porch awning, knocking out windows. It then crashed hard across the top of the cottage, tearing multiple holes through the roof and into upstairs rooms.

By now, Mike was home, wet and sorrowful. But then, he sprung into action. I am blessed with a family who has men, chain saws, trucks, did I mention chain saws, plus a few women who love to wield, you guessed it, chain saws. Within a hour, the bulk of the tree was off of the house. The next morning, while Mike did clean up outside and stapled tarp and lathing, I dug into the two rooms, retrieving what could be laundered. And launder I did.

A word here about TIDE PODS. They are my newest discovery. I have long enjoyed doing to laundry, a task where you see results quickly and are surrounded by good smells. These little PODS contain 'everything you need' to do a load of laundry. They are cute and colorful and squishy. AND I had read that children had mistaken them for candy, in a warning to consumers. I figure anything that can be mistaken for candy MUST be a good product.

After about 3 hours, all that could be laundered was clean, folded and stashed. That closet smells WONDERFUL.

We have, by the way, the best insurance agent in the world. By Saturday, the ball was rolling. On Sunday, two brothers from Kokomo, master craftsmen, were scribbling notes for the estimate.

Tomorrow, we will be lining up crews.

So much for naps and puzzle time.

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  1. Lynne, so glad you are both ok and that they cottage will be put back in tip top shape. love you both!