Monday, January 30, 2012

Here we go again

So this week, Mike is back to the chemo place for treatment. In addition to that, he takes the 6 horse pills for 8 days. He finds that these treatments hit him harder as the number rises. So far, he says it's worth it.

I mentioned that it seemed to me that Good Days/Bad Days are about even. He says that no, the Bad Days are more numerous. But it's not time to give up. There's a kayak that's almost finished. There's the dream of another summer at the lake.

The treatment is Monday. Then, on Friday, we drive back to University Hospital for the 5th ERCP. Quite a week.

Central Indiana is a buzz. Next Sunday, it's SUPERBOWL Sunday in Indianapolis. Our papers and new shows are wall-to-wall stories about what's going on, what's going to go on, and how to the action. This is especially important for all those fans who can't pony up the ticket price but want to 'be close to the action.'

Superbowl Sunday has not been on our calendar. But I realized today that our route to the hospital is the northern boundary of Superbowl Traffic patterns. I'm assuming that the hospital will restrict its parking; otherwise Friday morning will be interesting for us.

Routines help. Scheduled events help. Expected agendas help. But more than anything, our greatest help comes from the Lord. And, dear friends, when you pray for us, you call upon that help. So thanks.

We are surrounded by His protection and by your spiritual care. I know that I get down sometimes, but God is quick to remind me of His presence. And, He needs to prod me a bit because I have such a short memory.

As 2011 began, I laid a specific request (for me) on my Heavenly Father. A really special friend of mine -- funny, bright, attractive, employed -- had had not so much success in our local dating scene. And although she was probably ok with that, I decided that it was time for her to meet a nice young man. Not Mr. Right, necessarily but Mr. Nice Guy. I sealed my request by sharing it with a Christian friend. Soon after, Mike's cancer returned and I forgot about it.

But guess what? She met Mr. Nice Guy. When I heard about it, well, it wasn't who I might have chosen, for no specific reasons. She was enjoying Mr. Nice Guy when he became Mr. Right. Yup. In love. Engaged. Date set. Woooo hooooo.

When I mentioned the engagement to my Christian prayer friend, she reminded me. "That's what we've been praying for, don't you remember??"

Hm. Well, no it had slipped my mind. But God honored my weakly presented case anyway.

I'm so thankful that God included those Bible stories about the forgetful Israelites. I used to think, "Wow. They forgot how God had taken care of them. Wouldn't you think that after watching the Red Sea part, after eating the manna, after drinking from the rock in the desert, they'd remember?"

But, no, about the time they wiped their mouths, they forgot.

I hope I'm not ungrateful but I DO forget. God answers my prayers faithfully and then often sends in one of His saints to 'knock me upside the hay-id' to recall that I had asked Him for this and that.

I don't know if this is the modus for all, but in our case, a terminal diagnosis jerked a knot in the tail, made us turn around, reorder, and come up with what's really important. In our case, we have been able to live with that understanding.

Powerful Truths: The God who made heaven and earth: take your request to Him, the Father. He knows what you need. He will supply all of your needs.

In our circle of praying friends, we join together to pray for a baby who was born with many needs. He's 5 months old now; his parents, grandparents, and friends are traveling with their arms around The Father.

Our sweet sister-in-law, Janelle, received the dire diagnosis in August: glioblastoma. No one wishes for a brain tumor but this one would be last on your shopping list. Initial treatment seemed to have no effect. But Janelle and Ken, along with so many friends, prayed for and continue to pray for healing. At her last report, the doctor told her that the tumor had shrunk 40 % and was less inflamed. Janelle has been able to reduce her steroid medication and concentrates on enjoying life.

At my school, our prayer circle continues to pray for so many with physical needs. God continues to flex His muscles and beat back fear.

Here at our casa, we will continue to live our lives, staying open to God's leading. Mike has been asked to speak to The Kokomo Huddle again. He will be playing with the church band in mid February. I am about to drag yet another group of high school juniors through my favorite book, The Scarlet Letter.

Much joy here. And peace. And hope.


  1. Love you guys. Pray for you guys. And so we go...

  2. Thank you, Lynne, for such a good reminder for all of us "forgetful" ones... God is good... love you much, janis

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lynne. Brings to my mind this truth: 2 Timothy 2:13
    If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.

    THankful we belong to THE KING! Praying and sending our love, Kristine

  4. Lynne, we all have a terminal diagnosis, whether we recognize it or not. If more people understood the finite existence that we have with these limited warranty carcasses, they too might reorder and declutter their lives.

    1. you are absolutely right. i have really worked hard on decluttering my life. i sold my cars, the airplane, most of the motorcycles and virtually all of my guns and guitars. to my astonishment, i didn't miss any of them. people and relationships are what counts the most. it is not about the dollar, either. i had to learn these things the hard way. do not make my mistake. out. mike b.

  5. As always intense and fervent prayers bombard the gates of heaven in your behalf.

    God is working out His perfect will in and through you.

    In your quest to move day-by-day through this ordeal, surrounded by those who love you, and sheltered by His grace, you have touched many, many lives. In turn, the Holy Spirit has used your quest to draw countless numbers closer to our Savior.

  6. Praying for at least one more summer for Michael. And that I'll be able to enjoy some time at the lake with the Bolingers. So far, it's looking like a possibility. God is good! Love to both of you!! (Hope The Scarlet Letter is going well and that the kids are loving it as much as you!)