Sunday, January 15, 2012

Requesting Your Prayers Again.

Tomorrow, the hub goes back to the Oncology Department and into that nice, soft, beige lounger. He'll get hooked up and his nurse will administer some targeted poison. Then, he's back on a week of the special pills: 6 a day for 7 days.

These treatments are supposed to buy us time. So far, that's exactly what's happening. Mike's doctor says the therapy continues until he decides to stop. Or when his disease overtakes the benefits.

Right now, Mike's in the living room, playing the blues on his guitar, one of his favorite pastimes. Earlier, I assisted as he glued some sort of support to some sort of piece of wood that should form a side of the kayak. And that's our life on a chilly Sunday night.

What is it about me that I need reminders of God's attention to the details in our lives?

Right now, we continue to live in the glow of a miracle. We have some sort of yen that there's more for Mike to do. From the sidelines, I am witness to how God is using him in the lives of some of his friends, some of his former colleagues, even some of my students who have seen the video of his testimony.

He'll drive himself out to the hospital in the morning and when it's over, he'll drive himself back. Then, there will be a nap. A deep nap.

So, while I enjoy a day off from school, when God brings us to mind, please pray for us on Monday.


  1. Dear Lynne,

    You and Mike are always in my most fervent and earnest prayers. I continue to entreat God to completely heal Mike and restore him to a full, cancer-free health.

    So I pray to the Lord. Lord, hear my prayer.

  2. I second what Dean wrote. Praying for healing, health and continued influence is the lives around Mike.
    Love you both!