Monday, January 2, 2012

Marking up our Calendars

So. 2012. ANOTHER New Year. Here's where we are today, looking into this next year.

I left my classroom on December 23, prepared to begin the new semester. This means I'm ready for the first day of classes on January 4. No veteran teacher would miss the first few days of a new semester if at all possible. That's when teacher and students meet, size each other up, set the tone and begin the dance.

I've learned that any and all effort during those first few days pays dividends for the rest of the semester. There will still be about 2 weeks of testing and pushing...probably more with my freshmen...and then we'll settle in.

So, yes, the plan is for me to return to my classroom and a new group of students. All good. These two weeks off have been glorious...restful and busy at the same time...Our travels to Texas and many hugs. A smattering of get-togethers with friends. Then, several of those messed up kitchen cabinets have been emptied, ordered, and repacked. Specifically, I was inspired by my brother/sister-in-law's kitchen...they have lids for all of their plastic wear AND they can find them. It was time to organize and get rid of the loose pieces.

I discarded with brutality. All good.

Mike plans to teach one, maybe two, classes at our community college. He LOVES this and since he'll be repeating, it's not too much work. He's also tearing through Sudoku booklets and his Sudoku-a-Day calendar. When we visited my brother at Thanksgiving, Mike saw Ken scribbling absently at a Sudoku. Ken is, how can I says this, a math brain. Very organized. Precise. Mike asked him about the puzzles and Ken said that once you know the trick, they are easy. (oh)

"I'll show you." He did. "You see, it becomes easy to see that it has to be one number." (oh) "And, REAL players don't write all sorts of little numbers in the boxes." (oh) "Oh, and you use a pen, not a pencil." (oh)

Oh. oh. oh. oh: All of MY tricks. Early on in this exchange, I thought about nosing in. When the brother trashed those who write the little numbers...well, I'm out.

But before we commence with our teaching, we go January 3 to see his doctor, to discuss the latest scan. We scheduled this so I could go along. All good.

Our friends, Morgan and Sandra, have sent out word that the 'next Brick' is January 13. All good. (and yum)

Mike is scheduled to play at church on January 15. All good.

I find that I live better if I cut back on long-term planning. I mean, a friend will marry September 29 and we are "on the A-list" for the wedding. I'd love to take my man to that party. And as a teacher, I have to plan out sequences for lessons that make sense and build on each other.

But, it's easier, in most parts of my life, if I take it a day at a time. Each day has its own challenges, joys, and cautions. My verse for this year are the words of my Lord:

"Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matt. 6:34 (NIV)

Right now, Mike is building a boat and a kayak, suitable for launching into Winona Lake next summer. Wouldn't THAT be great?

We remain amazed and humbled that God continues to bless us with time. And with all of our praying friends. We hope your new year holds great joy for you.


  1. I love your non-plan... and verse for the year... and I write little numbers in the boxes, and use ink.... don't let them intimidate you! love you, janis

  2. Yes, boating next summer at Winona Lake, it's a date! Love you, Lynne!

  3. Enjoyed the pictures of the family in Texas, looked like some great memories were made and time for just relaxing too! Hope you and Mike enjoy your next semester of school, I am hoping to take some new ground this semester myself.

    Looking forward to seeing you both at The Brick!
    Praying that as God keeps you both in the small of His hand, you feel His presence, His love and are able to rest!